FanAngel + Washington Capitals

2016 Capitals So Kids Can Wrap-Up


After the successful Washington Capitals crowdfunding campaign for So Kids Can - where $23,550 was raised - FanAngel’s Erit Yellen was able to speak with Elizabeth Pace, executive director of Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE) Foundation and Kelly Compton, MSE Foundation manager. Here is what they had to say:

What encouraged you to pick FanAngel for fundraising?

Internally, we talked about the platform and So Kids Can seemed like a good campaign to focus on. We needed a way to breathe fresh air into the fundraising for this initiative. Our fans are tech and internet savvy, we have a lot of social media followers and social media is a great way to promote things. It was also a perfect way to engage our So Kids Can participating players, who are all on Twitter and want to help.

What did you learn for the future?

We kicked off this campaign at the end of the season, running it during the playoffs. We’ve already identified our beneficiary for this season, so we want to get it up and running when the season starts. This will give us more time to promote the platform, the program and raise money.

Were you surprised with how much fan support you received through radio promotion?

The radio announcements of our campaign were the most successful in getting donations and having fans purchase the limited signed pucks for So Kids Can. We weren’t too surprised by the response as we have a great radio partner, but it was good for us to see that conversion as it relates to an online fundraiser.

What did you think was unique to the FanAngel site?

The client support and personal touch of the FanAngel team gave us the sense that this was the right platform for us to try a new way to engage our fans in what we do in the community. Everything matched up for us. It was easy to implement, straightforward, the information we captured was great and it was a simple platform to use.

Any other insights about using FanAngel?

We would definitely want to use FanAngel again for other campaigns as well as recommend it to other teams. A lot of the sports teams have large foundations and looking to use solid, online tools that bring in results. It was easy to use, we had very strong results and there’s really nothing to lose!

Looking to next season, we would want to use FanAngel again and plan ahead for the season so we can really fully capitalize on the opportunity. We will also try do something similar with the Washington Wizards