About FanAngel


What is FanAngel™

FanAngel is a “sports-driven” fundraising and awareness platform specifically designed for teams, athletes, schools, and fans. To enhance outreach and appeal, FanAngel has focused on features that bring greater value and enjoyment to the hard work of fundraising.

Who Uses FanAngel

Teams, Athletes, Schools, Non-Profits...anyone who needs to raise money and awareness and can use the power of sports to help excite and engage with their audience.  Examples include:

  • High School and Youth sports teams raising money for equipment and travel.

  • Profession athletes and teams raising awareness around charity causes they support.

  • Olympic and non-traditional athletes who need to fund their training, equipment, or travel.

  • The average person who wants to use sports=based events and performance to raise funds/awareness for causes (e.g. raising money for American Cancer Society by completing their first marathon).

How it works

FanAngel is a feature-rich platform focused on the unique needs and passions around sports.  Some key features include:

  • Performance Pledges - Envision a jog-a-thon applied to every sport, every level, every stat. Or envision using that key rivalry game to motivate donations/awareness. Performance Pledge allows for fans to pledge donations based on real world outcomes like wins, touchdowns, miles, pounds... Imagine donating $10 for each touchdown your local high school scores during the season. If FanAngel tracks the statistic through our real-time sports data feeds (many professional and college sports), then successes are calculated automatically. For non-tracked statistics, the campaign administrated will input the final results.

  • Donations - Your campaign doesn't have to use Performance Pledges. It can use the normal instant donation route or a combination of the two.

  • Event Registration - Holding a spaghetti feed or barbecue fundraiser. Use FanAngel to sell tickets for delivery or will call.

  • Advanced Email and Social Features - Promoting your campaign is the hard work of fundraising. FanAngel is here to help alleviate some of that difficulty by offering features and best practices that have proven track records in the sports space. High schools and youth programs can leverage our powerful email networking features to emulate an old-school letter writing campaign, but with 21st century tracking; know exactly which team member sent the most emails and garnered the most donations... While professional teams and athletes can use their vast social media following to engage their fans.

  • Connected Campaigns - Allow your fans to JOIN the cause. Connected Campaign allows for fans to create and promote their own campaign pages that financially support the same cause.

  • More than Rewards - Incentives are a cornerstone many successful fundraising campaigns. FanAngel has expanded on the standard offerings -- e.g. weekly top supporter rewards, market value for tax donations, auction rewards... Adding in rewards shared with connected campaigns and rewards for "top" connected campaigns and the power FanAngel really begins to shine.

  • Online Auctions - FanAngel is the only fundraising platform that includes an auction platform inside your crowdfunding page.

  • Roster, Schedule, Stats - Value added features allow for high school and youth programs to upload their roster, schedule, stats and news which are then automatically broadcast to campaign followers, enabling these programs to easily create online communities.

  • Built for Schools and Non-Profits - FanAngel partners with FanAngel Foundation (fanangelfoundation.org) to accept non-profit donations. When creating a campaign, you will be asked "Who are you raising funds for?" If you select School or Charity, FanAngel uses FanAngel Foundation's APIs to search verified and approved non-profit organization. Creating a campaign for one of these approved non-profits means that all funds will be processed by FanAngel Foundation. FanAngel Foundation will send all proceeds directly to the designated non-profit (minus credit card fees and FanAngel's fee, which will be charged to FanAngel Foundation). Once a campaign is created with a FanAngel Foundation approved non-profit, it cannot be changed. If a beneficiary loses its non-profit status and there is an active campaign, the campaign is immediately suspended and the organizer is contacted. Proceeds collect by FanAngel Foundation will never be disbursed to an individual or for-profit organization.

Who Gets The Money?

FanAngel campaigns will always clearly identify the beneficiaries of the funds raised. 

For "Verified" campaign donations are processed by our partner FanAngel Foundation and then mailed directly to the school or non-profit that FanAngel Foundation has on record at the conclusion of the campaign. FanAngel LLC does not receive non-profit donations.  All funds for non-profit recipients go directly to FanAngel Foundation.  Any applicable tax receipts are generated by FanAngel Foundation.

FanAngel Foundation, Inc. (“FanAngel") is a California nonprofit corporation (Federal Tax ID: 83-0678354) with federal tax-exempt status from the IRS under Section 501(c)(3). Contributions to FanAngel are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

For "Cash" campaigns donations, also called Personal Fundraising, are processed by FanAngel LLC and transferred to the designated recipient at the conclusion of the campaign. These donations are NOT tax deductible.  FanAngel DOES NOT VERIFY OR GUARANTEE the validity of cash campaigns. Therefore, donors should donate only to people and campaigns they personally know.


FanAngel charges a transaction fee of 7% on all donations made through the site plus any third-party banking fees associated with the transaction (currently 2.9% + $0.30).  


If you need more help, please contact FanAngel by emailing help@fanangel.com