How It Works

Personalization + Automation + Participation = SUCCESS

In our experience, SUCCESS in sports/school crowdfunding boils down to three essential components: Personalization, Automation, and Participation.  A lacking in any of these elements can lead to a difficult campaign. But when they work together great things happen.

FanAngel's mission is to provide teams, schools, booster clubs, and athletes both a platform and assistance they need to deliver the highest probability of fundraising success with the least amount of effort and a guaranteed low price.

To deliver on that mission, we offer:

  • Low fees -- ~90% of every donation goes to the beneficiary. FanAngel keeps 7% and the credit card fees are 2.2% to 2.9% + $0.30/donation. Your program gets the rest. Compare that to other sports crowdfunding sites that charge between 20-30%!!!
  • Personalization -- FanAngel supports several personalization features, including our most popular Team model which gives each player on a team a unique URL which displays that player's name, profile photos and fundraising goals. This form of personalization has been shown to nearly double donation rates and values.
  • Direct to Your Bank (optional) -- With a few minutes of setup and verification with our credit card processor, your donations are redirected directly to your organization on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or On-Demand (most use On-Demand). No more waiting for checks at the end of the campaign. The funds are in your control immediately. If you must have a check (about 25% of our campaigns require this), then checks are cut twice a month.
  • IRS Compliance - FanAngel strictly follows IRS Compliance Laws to make sure donations remain tax deductible (when legally appropriate: rewards, auctions, and non-qualifying beneficiaries all affect deductibility).
  • Here to Help - A FanAngel assistant will help you every step of the way. Working remotely, we help with script templates, email/flyer templates, launch outlines. Your success is job #1.

Game Plan

While there may not be a One Size Fits All sports/school fundraising strategy, there is a One Size Fits MOST and that's the ASK Campaign.

Ask Campaigns are traditional letter writing campaign with a twist: they are hosted on the internet, use personalized donation pages, leverage automated reminders and a slew of other digital strategies that in concert work to help teams, schools, and boosters raise an amazing number of donations in a simple, repeatable, and successful fashion that works year in and year out.

Below are the standard steps to execute an Ask Campaign. However, FanAngel supports several other campaigns strategies, including Online Auctions, Pledge for Performance (jog-a-thon, lift-a-thon, etc.), Donation Perks, and many more. See details on our LEARN PAGE.

Personalization + Automation + Participation = SUCCESS



A booster parent or coach will answer a short set of questions, such as funds needed, use of funds, number of athletes, etc. (takes about 10 minutes).

Draft Campaign

With questionnaire answers in hand, FanAngel will create a draft page with draft content.

Bank Info

(Optional) For direct banking, a booster treasurer or school representative will need to setup an account with our credit card processor (takes about 10 minutes). Funds can then be transferred to your bank daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand.

parent email/meeting

FanAngel will script and send you email templates, video templates, and various documents to help communicate with families and film a campaign video.

Shoot Video

Before or after a designated practice, gather the team together to shoot a short campaign video. A quick 30-second phone video does as well as more edited versions. Don't get hung up on video quality.


Ask athletes to bring their smartphones to practice on the video day. Each athlete will then create an account, take a selfie profile photo, and enter the required number of emails and text phone numbers. Alternatively, this can be done from home.

It's super simple.  Check out this tutorial video to see how it works: Family/Student Tutorial

Now you are ready to

Launch The Campaign

Monitor Progress: The campaign doesn't end at launch. The more participation that occurs pre-launch, the less there is to monitor. But this isn't always the case. Moreover, perhaps you want to incentives the kids for participation.  That's where our Campaign Admin comes into play. Check out this tutorial to see how you can track the progress of each individual participant: Coach/Booster Quick Start



That's the HOW it works, but the WHY is where the magic really happens. As metioned above, the why comes down to this simple formula: Personalization + Automation + Participation = SUCCESS




Personalizing the campaign with the students'/athletes' name, photo and personal goal has several powerful effects.  First, most donations are in honor of a specific student. Thus, that student's name and photo are key triggers in connecting the donor with the fundraising need.

Second, the student's personal fundraising goal will be extremely reasonable...a few hundred dollars usually. When a donor visits the site and is capable of donating $25, $50, or $100, they immediately know that their donation has a substantial effect on the student's personal goal. For example, a $50 donation is 25% of a student's $200 goal, making is extremely meaningful. That same donation seems insubstantial on the team's $7000 goal. This slight change in context has a huge difference on donation rates.



FanAngel was developed with teams and schools in mind. Thus our automations are specific to helping groups increase productivity and reduce stress on coaches, teachers and boosters. Here is a short list of some key features:

  • Reminders to Athletes/Students to complete their participation requirements.
  • Reminders to supporters for donations
  • Send, open, click, and donation tracking for coaches to review team progress
  • Bounce and bad email teacking



In many ways, participation is the most important factor of success. Without participation, no amount of personalization or automation will make a difference.

Thus FanAngel works closely with coaches and boosters to help get the most out of their organizations. Writing emails and scripts, editing video, planning releases are just a few things we provide. Moreover, our website is designed to be extremely simple for students and families, making the process as seamless as possible. Just see how easy it is for team to share the campaign.


What are you waiting for?

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