All-or-None Reward

Oh Snap!  We don't actually have this feature yet.  But wouldn't it be AWESOME.  

If you like the idea of creating a reward that ONLY charges the donors credit card once a minimum number of donors has been reached, then email us at info@fanangel.com

However, there is a Workaround!

Create a Pledge For Performance that mimics the All-or-None Reward like this:

  1. Navigate to the Campaign Admin
  2. Click the Challenges tab
  3. Click the +Add button
  4. Now you'll see 4 sub-tabs.
  5. On the Subject Tab, enter something like "The Team".
  6. Now click the "Challenge" sub-tab and enter "Selling 100 Tickets to the Pizza Night" for the Goal field.
  7. Now click the "Event" sub-tab.  Remove the value in Event Date (by clicking the "x")
  8. Finally click the Defaults sub-tab and enter the cost of the event "Selected Pledge Amount".
  9. Click Save and you've created the Workaround for All-or-None rewards.