Dynamic Email Sequence

it's like your fundraising on autopilot


Have you ever visited a website and then seen ads for that site all over the Internet? Or opened an email and then magically received a call or another email from that company?

That’s marketing automation in action and it’s kind of creepy (a lot like Otto the Autopilot from Airplane)! But it’s also very powerful and FanAngel is the first crowdfunding platform to leverage that power for good. 

Consider the following example:

1) Football quarterback Jack Longball sends out 20 emails to family members, asking them to donate to his team’s FanAngel campaign. Included in these emails is Grandma Longball.

2) Three days after the initial email, Grandma hasn't opened her email, so FanAngel automatically sends her a reminder.

3) Another three days pass and Grandma still hasn't opened either emails. FanAngel detects this and sends Jack an email letting him know that Grandma hasn't heard about the fundraiser yet. The email suggests he double-check Grandma’s email address, call Grandma, or forward an attached email. 

Dynamic sequences are just that – dynamic. If the potential donor has already donated, FanAngel detects that and won’t send bothering reminders. If they opened their email, but didn’t donate, then we send a reminder a couple days later and one more a couple days prior to the end of the campaign.

People are busy after all.  Coaches, donors, players, and boosters all have better things to do. Dynamic email sequence is all about getting you back to living!

The fact is, with sports fundraiser, email is where the majority of donations come in. Giving teams, schools, and boosters an out-of-the-box, automated and efficient tool for maximizing that channel is cutting edge stuff. FanAngel’s got your back!