Auction Rewards


Charity auction are a mainstay in sports fundraising. In fact, many live events are based on the event breaking even and the auction being the profit center. 

However, in recent years, pro teams have started to lean more and more on online auctions to keep a constant flow of good will, donations and fan engagement. 

While youth and high school teams don't have exclusive, high ticket items ready for auction at their fingertips (like pro teams), with a little creativity these online auctions can still be a profit center for needs.  See action tips section for some great ideas.

Adding an online auction to a campaign is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. From the Campaign Admin, select the Incentives Tab.
  2. Add a New Reward and select type Auction.
  3. Add details, including start date, end date, description, and an image.

That's it.  FanAngel will open bidding at the Start Date/Time, email outbid notices, reminders and winner acknowledgements.  

Auction Tips for HS/Youth Sports programs

Many items that work at live or silent auctions just won't work online. The impulse to buy is much lower, thus the incentive needs to be much higher. One advantage that online auctions have over event-based auction is they can be run whenever, giving the school/team the ability to auction off items that are more timely in nature.  Consider some of the following ideas:

  • Getaway weekends can work really well.  Reach out to as many resorts/hotels as possible and stagger your auctions over the season or year. 
  • Shame gimmicks are great auction items -- like Shaving the Coach's Head. This gimmick can work in conjunction with regular donations.  For example, as fan to donate and IF the campaign raises $3,000 then the coach will shave his head.  After the goal is reached, auction off who gets to do the shaving!  
  • Special seats or passes - auction a pair of sideline passes, who throws the first pitch, or who gets the flip the coin.  

Make sure to take photos and post socially when appropriate. Posting action shots of the winners energize future bidders like no other.