Online registration

Holding fundraising events is one, if not the, most common fundraising approaches for teams.  Barbecues, pancake feeds, spaghetti dinners...all common and worthy events.

That why FanAngel added our Online Registration feature, which includes the following functionality:

  1. Donors can easily purchase multiple tickets (quantity field)
  2. Donors can receive a tax receipt IF the fair market value of the event is lower than the ticket price.
  3. Use the admin for Will Call tracking at the event.
  4. Since FanAngel is realtime, this allows donors to purchase tickets via their phone at the door. 

One VERY IMPORTANT reason to use FanAngel for your Online Registration is now you can capture donation from fans who can't make the event!  

To create your event's Online Registration:

  1. Navigate to the Campaign Admin
  2. Click the Incentives tab
  3. Click the +Add button
  4. Change Reward Type to Registration, then follow the same steps as creating a regular Reward.  
  5. Enter the following information:
    1. Name
    2. Available Units (how many are available)
    3. Minimum Pledge Amount
    4. Market Value - required for Non-Profit campaigns. This portion of a donation is not tax deductible and will be deducted on the tax receipt email.
    5. Start/End Dates (if different from the campaign)
    6. Description
    7. Optional Photo
    8. Set if the donor needs to enter a mailing address
  6. Click Save and you're done!