21 Actionable Fundraising Ideas For Sports And How To Leverage The Internet To Make Them Better

I love Youth and High School sports, but I HATE the fundraising the goes along with them.  I rant about this often...just see my Confessions from a CEO diatribe as an example.  But as the old boss saying goes, "Don't bring me problems, bring me solutions." So, here are 21 Actionable Solutions for using the Web, Email, and Text to turbo charge your Sports Fundraising needs. 


Let's not beat around the bush, sometimes it's just best to ask for the donation. Done right, this is the fastest and easiest way to raise needed funds. That's what crowdfunding is all about - reach out to your friends and family for a hand.

BUT, the harsh reality is two factors are constantly working against simple donation pages: 

  • First, we all have grown accustom to ignoring life's noise and this is especially true with fundraising campaigns.  
  • Second, even when an effort does catch our attention, we must constantly fight what is called the Bystander Effect (paraphrasing - people are less likely to help if they think others will handle it).

At FanAngel, we designed the platform specifically to battle these difficulties...

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David Burton

CEO, FanAngel