3 Biggest Crowdfunding Traps Schools and Sports Teams need to Avoid

3 Biggest Crowdfunding Traps Schools and Sports Teams need to Avoid

The future of fundraising is online. Not everything, of course -- a snack bar isn’t going to benefit (much) from posting on Facebook.  But the benefits and efficiencies of using email, text, social media and various online platforms (like FanAngel) makes it a foregone conclusions that more and more funds will be raised digitally.

If you’re a booster parent or team coach, then you know all too well the vast amounts of time you’re losing to fundraising. That’s time lost forever--time you could have spent with your family, friends or athletes.  That’s why it’s so important to understand and navigate some common traps that many fall prey.

The appeal to leveraging the Internet to amplify your efforts is a clear motivator for some. But many have tried it and failed. Others have tried with some success, but have no idea they likely left money on the table. This post exposes three major crowdfunding traps that are common. The post also explains how FanAngel circumvents these pitfalls, ultimately saving you precious money, time and energy.

Crowdfunding: A Perfect Partner For Pro Sports Teams To Engage Fans While Raising Money

For years, pro sports teams have embraced the concept of partnering with charities to give back and improve community relations. It’s now industry standard for pro teams to provide donations, scholarships, and programming for a variety of important causes. In the last few years, the pressure for teams and even the leagues themselves (think NFL’s breast cancer partnership and Cleats for a Cause) to do bigger, better and more public events has increased substantially. Yet, the teams often underperform in a truly important part of these efforts: engaging their fans to help the causes.