The following videos will help you acquaint yourself with the power of a FanAngel campaign.  Because it is so flexible, there are many different ways the platform can be used.  So, we've created some sample use cases to show you how you might be able to leverage it for your needs. 

The bare minimum

The core of any campaign is it's story.  Who, why, when all need to be compelling to the donor.  This video shows you the steps for making a very basic FanAngel campaign.  No secret sauce here, just the barebones.  


Letter writing campaign

A tried and true fundraiser for High School, Club, and Youth Sports. This video will shows you the nuts and bolts of how to use FanAngel to maximize your team's network...without buying stamps and envelopes.  

Don't skip this one!!!  Adding a digital letter writing campaign has shown to improve results dramatically.  



Do you do a Jog-A-Thon, a Lift-A-Thon, Hoop-A-Thon...or even a Home Run Derby?  Well now you can Supercharge it through the FanAngel platform.  No more pledge sheets or running down donors.

Don't just stop at one event!  FanAngel is so powerful and flexible, you can make the whole sporting season a fundraiser.  Imagine asking for pledges for every team Win, or every Touchdown...you can even break up the pledges by player!  Let your imagination run wild.

This video demos the creation of a Lift-A-Thon.  Trying creating this on a competing site -- not gonna happen! 


Not Your Mama's Rewards

Every fundraising site has rewards.  But we're raising the bar by adding multiple reward types and data collection.

Give front row parking to Friday's football game to the weekly Top Supporter.  This demo will show you how!

Do you sell T-Shirts, hoodies, etc?  What about that upcoming big rivalry game...custom Rally Towels?  Our rewards engine let you collect custom input data, so you can get sizes, colors, quantities... It's like an online store built into your campaign. (coming soon)




Fundraising for sports is more than just collecting donations. It's about creating a community.  FanAngel lets you create an online community around your team or player by giving you the ability to post news articles, upload schedules, rosters, stats.  It's like having your own ESPN.com site.  And followers can even subscribe for updates...





Your fundraising needs go beyond the digital world.  Spaghetti dinners, bar-b-cues and auctions aren't going anywhere soon.  But that doesn't mean you can't leverage FanAngel to streamline your event.  

This video shows you how to use FanAngel to register for physical events...and maybe get some donations for those people who just can't make it.


Sponsors and Groupons

Leverage your local restaurants by integrating discount or gift cards into your campaign.  These GroupOn style options are a win-win for the community.