Online Fundraising -- Learn How it Works

Often the hardest part of fundraising online is taking the first step. That why FanAngel takes a hybrid approach.

What is a Hybrid Approach

A hybrid approach is similar to a full service fundraising company, BUT we don't visit your location. That means you're responsible for taking photos and videos, but we will help you with EVERYTHING else. By not visiting your location, there is not cost for travel, hotels, gas... 

Things you do

  • Take raw video
  • Take raw photos
  • Upload those videos and photos to the cloud
  • Work with our experts remotely to write/edit/perfect scripts, final video, photos, promotions.

Thing we do

  • Script and page writing and editing
  • Video and photo editing
  • Analyze your team/school/demographics to recommend the best fundraiser and marketing channels
  • And more...

We give you the tools to help you succeed, but we also are here to help! If you are at all hesitant about the first steps, then contact us! We can help you get it rolling. We are happy to offer free assistant to get you underway.  

Make sure to check out The FanAngel Difference to see how we can break through the first steps, by offering a virtual assistant to get over that first hump.  Reach out and make contact with us at