What is contextualized crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding for sports teams and schools has specific challenges that other forms simply don't. The biggest unique challenges lie in overcoming objections like:

  • Someone else will donate
  • Why should I care
  • Don't they already have enough money

Consider a crowdfunding campaign for a medical emergency (often seen on GoFundMe or similar).  The three objections above don't really apply. But when raising money for a high school soccer team, they ALWAYS come into question.

Thus FanAngel has specifically designed solutions that battle these objections in what we call Contextualized Crowdfunding.  Here are some of those solutions:


Athlete Profiles & fundraising Goals

In team fundraising, most donors are really giving because of an individual athlete. Thus, focusing on that athlete's needs and goals is paramount to making the donor feel like their donation means something.  

Uploading a headshot and giving each athlete (or student) an individual fundraising goal gives context for the donation, thus improving conversions substantially. While this is more work (and teams often balk at this), it makes a huge difference.  


Performance Pledging

Donations based on performance, either in-game or otherwise, can "gamify" and energize the fundraising efforts. Consider a volleyball player asking for donations for every spike. Alternatively, a Lift-a-Thon fundraiser does wonders to both focus on the individual athlete and motivate them towards real world success. Performance pledges are especially successful because the athletes "want to share" the goals, success, and story.


Individualized & Trackable Sharing

When the athlete shares the campaign via the emails, text, and social sharing buttons on the campaign page, the user receives a personalize message with profile photo. This simple addition increases click and donations rates dramatically.

FanAngel also includes the tracking of sends, opens, clicks, and donations on an individual basis.  This allows teams/schools to include incentives to further motivate sharing (e.g. every student that shares the campaign with 20 email addresses gets a team t-shirt, or the athlete that raises the most gets a pair of Beats Headphones, etc.)