Creating a Fundraising Campaign

Launching your basic fundraising campaign just takes a few moments. Follow these basic steps and you'll be accepting credit card donations in just a couple minutes!

Prerequisites to these steps -

  1. Create a FanAngel account. You can use our Social Login features to be connect in seconds. Or create an account using email and password. Make sure to upload a profile photo or team logo!
  2. Have you content ready, including Title, Goal, Brief, Story, Main photo and optional Main Video. If this seems like a lot, don't worry...FanAngel can help!  Contact use at and we can walk you through best practices!

Steps to creating your basic campaign page -

  1. Login to FanAngel
  2. Click the Create a Campaign button
  3. If you raising money for a school, booster club, or other non-profit, you'll Search and Select from our list of Verified options (supports tax deductible donations). If you are raising money for an individual or other organization, you'll be taken directly to the Basic Info page
  4. Enter your Basic campaign information, including
    • Fundraising Goal
    • Title
    • Start/End Date
    • Subject Type - you will typically leave this as Default. If you plan to use FanAngel for team schedules, roster, scores, headshots...then you select Team or Player. Selecting "Myself" is also possible, and will populate using your display name and profile photo.
    • Main Image
  5. Click Create Campaign

You now have a page that can accept donations. However, it still needs some more information to be successful!  Here are the steps to fill out the Story, add a Video, and define the "Subject".

  1. Enter a "Brief" description of your campaign. This is used primarily for sharing socially and when sharing (embedding) with websites.
  2. If you've created a video for your campaign, include its YouTube URL 
  3. Enter a long description of your campaign. 
  4. Click Save.